Business & learning January 18, 2023

Books, books, books

It’s a new year, and keeping with tradition, I have set a few goals for myself.  Historically, I am terrible with goal setting.  I like the idea of sitting down and planning out my year, the act of setting goals.  But, like most of us, I stink at hitting the mark.

This year will be different. Why?  This is the first year I have put my goals on paper for me to read. Daily. Plus, I am sharing it here too!

I have a few different business goals, but a simple one to share today is that I want to read 12 books this year.  Sounds simple, I know.  This means I must actively choose not to watch so much TV (or, gasp, look at my phone) and read a book!  In addition to ready 12 books for pleasure, I want to read 4 business books this year.

Here is my list for business related content – what should I add?

  • Building a Brand Story, Donald Miller
  • What to Post, Chelsea Peitz
  • anything by Seth Godin
  • You2, Price Pritchett

And for fun, here is my list so far:

  • West with Giraffes, Lynda Rutledge
  • The Maid, Nita Prose
  • The Mosquito Bowl, Buzz Bissinger (halfway through this one, currently gathering dust on my night stand)
  • Abundance of Katherines, John Green (grabbed it for a quarter at the library book sale so I want to read it before I put it back on the shelf)
  • Midnight Library, Matt Haig
  • Spare, Prince Harry

Happy reading!  Put your phone down.  You’re welcome.