Market Update January 26, 2023

Why with all the market reports?

This is the time of year where I work really hard to become top-of-mind for my clients and friends. Sending a market report is my way of jumping up and down and waving my arms – pick me, pick me, pick me!

I know that people want to know about the value of their home.  After all, your home may be one of your largest assets.  I want to be the professional you rely upon to give you an update, just like you would rely on a financial advisor to update you on your retirement accounts.

Here’s what you need to know when looking at the market value of your home:

  1. You deserve it.  Keep annual updates on the value of your home so you can compare it year over year.
  2. It’s an ESTIMATE!  I can only provide you with a range as to the value of your home compared with other homes in your area.
  3. Consider if you have done any major updates to your home.  The value of these updates would not be included and can greatly impact the estimate I provide.
  4. Invite me over to take a look!  Seriously, we can go room by room and talk about your home projects.  What have you done to update the value of your home and how does it compare to other homes?  (Side note: my favorite topic to talk about is flooring! You CANNOT expect a potential buyer of your home not to notice that you have replaced hardwood flooring with vinyl.  Vinyl, even if it’s called “luxury” it is
  5. NEVER the better choice if you live in a neighborhood where hardwood floors are the norm!  Okay, end rant).
  6. Stay informed.  Just as you would periodically check the market value of your other investments, check on the values in your neighborhood.  I have just the tool for you:  Neighborhood News.  You will get an email from me, once a month, the provides data on homes in your area.  Please don’t use $illow, that would kill me.  The data from Neighborhood News is reliable, plus you get a report with my photo on it! Win, win.