Buying February 10, 2023

Top 10 list for buyers

I love the opportunity to work with buyers, especially first time buyers.  Before we trek out to see a house I ask for their time to have a quick consultation.  This time is so valuable.  It not only benefits me, but allows the prospective buyers to pause and think about their goals before becoming distracted while touring a home.  Not all agents will do this!  In the age of on-line $illow leads, many agents meets buyers in the driveway of any home they wish to see and just show the house.  I think this is a huge discredit to the level of service I bring.

Here are the things I talk about at a buyers consultation:

10.  Tell me about yourself!

9.  Have you ever bought a home before?  How did that experience make you feel?

8.  Have you met with a lender to know what you can afford?

7.  What other monthly expenses do you have that would make you nervous about taking on a house payment?

6.  What is your timeline for moving?

5.  Tell me about your wish list: bedrooms, bathrooms, location, yard, schools

4.  Are you interviewing, or working with another agent?

3. What are you looking for in a realtor, how do you prefer to communicate with me?

2. Who else is involved in the buying decision?

1.   Why do you want to purchase a home?


Answers to all of these questions open the door for me and my clients to work together for a smooth transactions.  EVERY step of a real estate transaction can brings surprises:  earnest money, inspections, title opinions, negotiations, and more!  This list is very long, but I will be with them for every step.